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"Don helped me conduct a disciplined investigation of opportunities for our company to build a more extensive partner channel in the provider market. He worked with me and our team strategically and tactically to evaluate target segments, to identify and prioritize prospective partners, and to pursue business development. Don was organized in his approach and open in his assessments of the situation and evaluation of the overall strategy. While we ultimately concluded together to take a different tack, Don developed several attractive new business relationships for us. He brought a valuable outside perspective based on his extensive industry experience."
Devin Gross, CEO
Emmi Solutions

"Don provided strategic analysis for us, assessing the viability of one of our existing business lines and researching several market expansion opportunities. His practical experience and industry knowledge gave us thoughtful and comprehensive insights for our planning. He understands both the strategic and tactical sides of the growth equation and can communicate well with all levels of a team."
Chris Foley, CEO

"Altheus Advisors worked closely with me on in-depth identification, research, and analysis of seven potential growth markets. Don was able to combine creativity with deep industry knowledge to provide a real understanding of the opportunities and issues in each segment. He also worked independently and in concert with us to approach specific prospects and partners in several of these markets to determine viability. In addition to the strategic market work, Altheus Advisors assisted the Just Associates team on related product planning and tactical go-to-market activities, including drafting a key new white paper for us, as well as supplied advice in connection with significant company partnership transactions. Throughout the engagement, Don was a committed and trusted advisor to me."
Jerry Just, Senior Vice President
Just Associates