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Representative client projects include:

For a leading healthcare technology company
Altheus Advisors® assisted in the launch and early rollout of a significant new product for this speech and language technology leader. Working as part of the core team with marketing, sales, and product management, as well as outside agencies, we helped developed the positioning, communications, sales force education and sales tools, trade show materials, and other elements of a fully coordinated launch. This software offering was important and long-awaited from this company, and its successful introduction generated considerable market attention, prospect lead flow, and early sales. It also created the foundation for an emerging product portfolio roadmap that Altheus helped construct and communicate.

For a major industry association
Altheus played a key role advising the CEO and Board in studying and addressing several significant and difficult strategic issues. One of these was development of an alliance strategy. The organization conducted many kinds of partnerships but lacked an overarching strategy or an organized process to evaluate and handle alliances. Altheus conducted research independently and with staff and created a framework to help them prioritize alliances and also become proactive in pursuing them. In particular, Altheus helped focus on moves that could potentially transform an organization wrestling with industry changes and its long term role. The organization’s Board adopted the strategy and the proposed organizational changes needed to improve alliance development and management.

For a services firm
A significant private-equity backed company formed from a recent merger and undergoing transformation had strong senior management in sales and operations. It sought leadership in marketing with someone who could work well with a sales-driven organization and bridge communications, sales support, product management, and overall marketing strategy. Altheus functioned effectively as an interim senior VP helping create a marketing plan, revamping the core sales presentation, evaluating a new product strategy, and rolling out marketing programs for both its core business and new product introductions.

For a revenue cycle company
Altheus Advisors® was engaged by the firm’s chief technology officer and head of corporate development to help evaluate the state and direction of computer assisted coding and natural language processing technology in general. This work involved industry scanning, discussion with the firm’s prospective customers for the solutions under consideration, and work with the product management group. Technology forecasts were developed, “make-or-buy” partner opportunities evaluated, and a product roadmap created that best incorporated the advanced technologies into the company’s portfolio. At the same time, a market launch plan was outlined to get the product teams directed to the marketing steps needed.

For a Major Integrated Leadership Solutions Consulting Firm
This leader maintains an active thought leadership and content program, including producing a series of white papers addressing key issues of interest to healthcare IT leaders. We helped the firm plan, research, and write several of these pieces, including the popular industry trends analysis.

Industry White Paper examples:
Healthcare Trends Leadership White Paper - 2015
Healthcare Trends Leadership White Paper - 2014
AHA Leadership Summit Executive Brief - 2015