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Having been active company executives, Altheus Advisors® has considerable experience helping create corporate and department-level strategic plans, marketing plans that fit an organization’s budget constraints, and technology trend and other market analyses that shed light on new directions. For hospitals and healthcare organizations, we help analyze opportunities to use advanced health information technologies to automate processes and transform operations.

We work with senior management to evaluate options, facilitate discussions and planning sessions, perform background research, and other activities that promote effective planning.

Examples of what we help you accomplish include:

  • Strategic plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Health Information Technology evaluation and planning
  • Product planning
  • Product management assistance. We have experience working with existing product managers to refine plans as well as to bring product management discipline to organizations which do not have a formal function
  • Product portfolio management
  • New product launch
  • Roadmap development, refinement, and communication
  • Pricing and packaging of software and services