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Do these statements sound familiar?

“I don’t think we have the right positioning.”
“We need to talk to C-level and our pitch is not appropriate.”
“We don’t have everyone on the same page as to our message.”

Too many companies and organizations are unhappy with their overall message to their markets, potential investors, or interested audiences. It’s not that they have no message. The problem usually is that the message is not clear or crisp, does not reflect current realities or recent changes, does not present the organization or product in an optimal light, or needs to be modified for new markets being approached.

For some, the issue is creating a message that can be conveyed consistently and effectively by a group of people beyond just the CEO, founder, or small set of insiders. This situation can be particularly acute where sales organizations are growing and/or channel partners are being considered or implemented.

These concerns are about more than having “an elevator pitch.” While it is certainly useful to offer a concise introductory message, these pitches are frequently stilted and merely descriptive of what the organization does. Such a pitch often does not engage the prospect to move to the next step or position the company in helpful ways.

We have considerable expertise in creating new or enhancing existing messaging structures, ideas, positioning, and thought leadership.

Examples of what we help you accomplish include:
  • Corporate and sales core presentations
-- With recommended scripting or word tracks
-- Training on how to use these presentations. Altheus has extensive history with sales development and training.
  • Creation of an overall message structure for the organization
  • Evaluating existing positioning and associated materials
  • Thought leadership ideas, content, and plans
-- White paper and other idea documents creation
-- Public relations related story ideas and writing