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Marketing communications is a set of tactics deployed to position an organization and deliver targeted information to customers, prospects, and interested parties. The objectives are many: generating leads, conveying specific market messages, moving along the sales process, promoting brand recognition. And while social media are important and growing in importance, a multichannel communications effort is still essential for most. So deciding how best to communicate across the mix remains challenging.

Altheus Advisors® has significant experience with creating and managing successful programs and campaigns that span the full range of communications. We have worked with internal staffs and with outside agencies to develop these programs.

Representative services include:

  • Development of pragmatic marketing communications plans across the marketing mix
  • Budgeting for a communications program
  • Creation of sales tools and support materials that representatives will actually use
  • Creation of channel partner support materials and packages
  • Public relations strategy, messages, and writing
  • Evaluation of existing communications programs and planning related to product launches and rollouts
  • Content and message creation