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Many organizations find themselves at a management crossroads, with executive or key staff structures needing to change or adapt. Growth may be requiring new people, different skill bases, or the creation of a department where none exists. Or a company’s current marketing staff may be primarily communications-oriented and tactical, whereas the need is for strategic market engagement.

Various parts of a company’s operations may also need to adapt to react to new realities or growth. What’s more, CEOs and other managers frequently want help developing a rich environment for change, growth, and innovation.

Altheus Advisors® can help you with:

  • Interim executive leadership. Altheus has functioned in formal and informal roles for clients as senior executives for marketing, strategic planning, product management, and other roles. Duration has been short and longer term. Clients benefit from senior experience and ability to test and plan organizational structures without the full burden of an employee. We have also helped people specify job roles and assist in the recruitment process.

  • Operations evaluations for marketing departments and healthcare organizations. Capabilities include workflow analysis and streamlining, electronic health record system readiness and preparation for system implementations.
  • Technology assessment and impact, particularly with healthcare information technologies such as:
-- Speech recognition
-- Natural language processing
-- Electronic health records software
-- Other health information management software
  • Leadership and organizational development to drive results. Where appropriate Altheus partners with Schaffer Consulting to bring that firm’s deep and proven expertise in these areas.