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Growth in one form or another is an imperative for all.

Altheus Advisors® provides a range of services to help create or increase strategic growth in sales, programs, products, and other objectives. Whether yours is an early-stage firm seeking to scale to the next level or a mature organization looking for new growth opportunities, we can help craft the strategies and tactics needed to get there.

One concept we understand and respect: growth is usually a “step function” rather than a smooth curve. You are likely to need different approaches at different points on the growth path. An ability to adjust strategy and tactics is crucial.

Altheus Advisors does not adhere to one methodology as with many consultants. We work with existing staff as appropriate to bring the right approach, an outside perspective, and the added resources needed to work through strategies and execution.

Examples of what we help you accomplish include:

  • Organic growth initiatives
  • Identification and development of new markets
  • Finding additional growth in existing markets
  • Creating new sources of revenue for non-profits
  • Market segmentation & opportunity analysis
  • Business development assistance
  • Sales force effectiveness programs
  • Matching marketing programs to sales targets and initiatives
  • Channel management strategies and creation of support programs for channel partners
  • Corporate development and acquisition support